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Icon of the Holy Mother of God
“Protectress of Our Vatra”


This icon, housed in the Nativity of the Ever Virgin Mary Chapel at Vatra Românească, was written by Mr. Robert Gerwing and offered as his gift to the Episcopate on the occasion of the Vatra’s 50th Anniversary of Dedication in July 1988.

It depicts the Lord Jesus Christ bestowing His blessing from above and the Holy Virgin Mary protecting the Vatra with her veil.  Shown under the rainbow, which recalls God’s promise to the Holy Prophet Moses, are the Vatra buildings.

The inscription around reads: “We the pious Faithful Laypersons of this God-protected Diocese, led by our beloved Hierarch Nathaniel, Bishop of Detroit and by our Reverend and Dear Clergy with grateful hearts and bended knees rededicate ourselves and each other and this holy and free ground to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to the Birthgiver of God and ever-Virgin Mary, this Fourth Day of July, the year of Grace One Thousand Nine Hundred and Eighty-Eight.”



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