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Victor Pop Scholarship

The Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America is now taking applications for the Victor Pop Scholarship.  
The Victor Pop Scholarship was established in memory of the late Victor Pop by his family to honor his legacy of hard work and perseverance in life which resulted in great achievements.

The goal of the scholarship is to assist college students who are committed in their academic pursuits to complete their studies. It is specifically geared towards Junior and Senior standing college students or graduate students, who show their commitment and desire to complete their studies.

The Victor Pop Scholarship shall be awarded annually to one person in the amount of US $1,000.00.


The applicant must be of an Orthodox Christian of Romanian descent, at least through one of his/her parents, and must be a citizen or permanent resident of either the United States or Canada. The applicant must a member of one of the parishes of the Episcopate.

The applicant must already be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student, of Junior or Senior class standing, or graduate student in a recognized and duly-accredited four (4)-year school of higher learning.

Each student must furnish written proof of enrollment in the appropriate higher education program, mentioning the academic standing in the program of study.

Current Undergraduate Students: A transcript of the student's grades at the institution.
Graduate Students: Letter of acceptance from the institution or a transcript of the student’s grades.

The applicant must be of good character and active in school and/or community. A short letter of recommendation as character reference must be provided with the application.

The applicant must include a recent posed photograph of himself/herself suitable for possible publication.
To give time to applicants to assemble all of the necessary documents requested, we have fixed the Deadline: July 1.

Recipients will be notified by mail. The decisions of the Award Committee are final, and we ask that applicants do not phone the Episcopate or the Committee members.
Download the "Scholarship Facts, Requirements & Rules" Sheet and Application Form HERE.
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