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William R Stanitz / AROY Scholarship


In August of 1971, the Constantin J Stanitz family of Chicago established a Scholarship Fund in memory of their son, William Robert Stanitz, who met a premature tragic death in California.


We are glad to inform the AROY membership that the program will continue for this year, and at least two scholarships of $1,000.00 each will be offered for the upcoming school year.


All applicants who meet the qualifications and submit all of the necessary information will be eligible for the scholarship, which is awarded by random drawing. 




To qualify for the scholarship, one must:
a) be an active member of their church community - partaking in services, showing themselves to be a leader and an example among peers in their parish's young religious community
b) be a graduate of high school
c) be a college student or one who intends to enroll in a school or college of university level
d) not be a previous Stanitz Scholarship recipient.


The application is comprised of:
a) a biographical history including family
b) educational background and grades
c) AROY and Church activities
d) extra-curricular interests or achievements
e) reasons why applying for the scholarship
f) photograph
g) letter of recommendation from parish priest or AROY advisors regarding parish and AROY activities


Send your application materials to:


William R Stanitz / AROY Scholarship
The Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America
PO Box 309
Grass Lake MI  49240-0309


Deadline for applications is May 31.  If you attach any documents, use photocopies only.
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